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The Jose Fernandez Stack is one of our most popular selling weight loss stacks used by hundred of clients of “El Entrenador“, who’s developed a strong following of loyal clients in both Latin America and the USA.

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For me, by far, the best protein shake I have tested in my life. Let me tell you I have been working out for about 10 years now, previously only at the gym, now gym + CrossFit and this product has given me the strength I need to keep my muscles supporting the big stress. Amazing product and let me tell you that the flavor is super good. Actually, this is my best food of the day compared with all the fish and veggies I eat during the day 😉

Darío Pineda

This made me want to run through a wall. When I took it, I wanted someone to say something the wrong way to me so I could break them in half, that’s how pumped it made me. I honestly felt amazing when I used this product. So much energy. It got to a point that midway through my chest workout I had to run around the track at my gym so I could use up some of my excess energy and calm down. Sledgehammer is the best pre-workout there is and you definitely need to experience this for yourself!

Lisa Smith