DPX Cuts ™
Advanced Diuretic Formula



What you can expect from DPX CUTS:

  • Appearance of Greater Muscle Definition & Muscle Hardness
  • Muscle May Appear Leaner, Tighter and More Shapely
  • May lose Up to 8lbs or 2 Dress Sizes in 1 week
  • No Cramping – You’ll Feel Strong & Energized
  • You May Receive More Compliments and Looks!


Muscleology DPX Cuts
DPX Cuts

Muscle Definition Enhancer, Metabolic Stimulator & Detoxifier

DPX CUTS is a multi-dimensional performance formula that not only brings out razor sharp definition but performs as a detoxifier and body fatigue reducer while increasing natural thyroid activity to optimize metabolism for maximum fat loss.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, figure competitor, fitness model, or just someone looking to drop excess water for a special event or the beach, DPX CUTS will help you obtain the shredded, lean, and bone-dry physique you desire!

  • May help your muscles appear shredded, harder, and more vascular
  • Comprehensive formula helps eliminates excess subcutaneous fluids
  • Loaded with electrolytes to eliminate cramping, weakness & support muscle fullness

Suggested Use:

Begin with 2 capsules 2 times daily for 3-4 days and then go to 2 capsules 3 times daily for 3-4 days and continue this protocol for 7-10 days. Stack with CARNITINE and E’CINERATE for even more dramatic results.


Due to the extreme strength and potency of DPX CUTS, we advise using for 7-10 days on and 7-10 days off.

Experience Why Top Models & Competitive Physique Athletes Rely on DPX Cuts to Look Their Best!

DPX Cuts
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